Browsing Learning Content on ZilLearn Learning Network

Browsing Learning Content on ZilLearn Learning Network

This article will take you through how to browse and search for learning content on the Learning Network. You will need to be logged in to browse learning content on ZilLearn. 

There are four different types of learning content that you can find on ZilLearn:

  1. Online Courses:

    1. Courses that contain digital content only, for learners to learn at their own pace any time.

  2. Onsite Courses:

    1. Courses that are conducted physically by a trainer or instructor.

  3. Webinars:

    1. Courses that are conducted live online by a trainer or instructor.

  4. Training Bundles:

    1. A themed group of courses.

Browsing courses on ZilLearn

There are a number of ways to browse courses:

  1. Categories, located on the top bar.

  1. In-Demand Skills: Popular courses based on in-demand skills. 

  1. Editor’s Pick: Courses chosen by the ZilLearn team.

  2. Continue Learning: Saved or courses in progress.

  3. Following: Courses by channel creators that you follow.

You can also view courses by most popular, highest rated, latest, as well as new courses.

Browsing ZilLearn Plus courses on ZilLearn

If you have purchased a ZilLearn Plus subscription plan, you will only be able to access courses that are included in the ZilLearn Plus subscription. These courses will have the ZilLearn Plus label indicated in the course thumbnail, as shown below: 

Search courses on ZilLearn

You can search for courses via the search bar, located on top of the Learning Network.

Browsing training bundles on ZilLearn

You can browse training bundles on a creator’s channel page.

  1. Search a creator’s channel name, and select the training bundle you wish to browse.