How to Edit Your Course Introduction

How to Edit Your Course Introduction

Creating a well-written, optimized course introduction is one of the most important tools for converting new learners into your course. This article will take you through the fields you need to complete your course introduction.

In the introduction, there are the following fields for you to complete (required fields are marked with an asterisk):

  1. Title*

  2. Cover image*

  3. Category*

  4. Conducted in [language]*

  5. Course duration* - only applicable to online courses

  6. Synopsis*

  7. Description

  8. Objectives

  9. Who is it for

Guide to complete the required fields: 

  1. Title: Select the default title for your course to change it. 

  1. Cover image:

  1. Select Click or drop files here to upload your image. You can also drag and drop your selected image into Uploads

    1. ZilLearn supports the following image file formats: .jpg, .jpeg, png.

  2. Drag the image from Uploads into your course introduction page.

Note: Please note that you cannot directly drag and drop your file from your computer folder to your course. 

  1. Category: Select up to 2 categories for your course. If your course is Open to all, it will be displayed in the selected category on the Learning Network.

Read this article to learn more about how categories work.

  1. Conducted in: indicate what language your course is conducted in.

  1. Course duration: Indicate an estimate of how long it would take to complete the course.

  1. Synopsis: Add a brief summary of your course to inform learners about what it is about.

  1. Finally, you can add additional information about your course such as your course description, learning objectives, and who it is for.

These fields help your learners know more about your course and decide whether they want to sign up for it. 

You can learn more about best practices for a great course introduction here.

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