How to Set up your Online Course

How to Set up your Online Course

This article will take you through how to create and set up an online course.

When you are creating a new online course, the following types of content will be added by default:

  • Course Introduction: A section which contains information about your course. This is required and cannot be removed.

  • Activity: A section where text, images, videos and more can be added. 

  • Quiz: A section where different types of quizzes can be added. 

  • Open Response: A section where one open-ended question can be added. 

You can add, move, duplicate or delete Activity, Quiz, and Open Response content.

To add content:

  1. Select Add page at the right panel.

  2. Select the type of content you wish to add (Activity, Quiz, or Open Response).

  3. The new content will be added below the current active content

To duplicate or delete content:

  1. Hover over the content you wish to edit in the right panel and will appear.

  1. Select .

  2. Select Duplicate or Delete.

To rearrange content:

  1. Click and drag your content up or down to rearrange them.

To change the title of your course or content:

  1. Select the default title and fill in your new title. 

  1. Your edited title will reflect in the content on the right panel.

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