Tax forms - Creator FAQ

Tax forms - Creator FAQ

Why have I been asked to submit my tax forms again?

You may have been asked to resubmit your forms if it has expired, there was an error in your forms, or if your personal details have changed.

If you have received an email requesting a resubmission, you can contact the Payoneer Support Center for assistance. An email containing a link to the online wizard will be sent to you by Payoneer.

Does Payoneer or ZilLearn report my earnings to tax authorities?
No. You are responsible for reporting the earnings received from ZilLearn and funded to your Payoneer account to all the relevant government tax authorities.

Does Payoneer or ZilLearn store the tax information that I have submitted?
Payoneer collects and stores the information on behalf of, and as the authorised agent of ZilLearn.


How does ZilLearn handle transaction tax  (VAT / GST / sales tax)?

Transaction tax is a form of consumption tax on goods and services. The transaction tax  rates and regulations vary across geographies.

If your course is purchased in regions that collect transaction taxes like VAT, GST, or other types of sales taxes, your learners may be required to pay a transaction tax whenever they make a purchase from ZilLearn.

If your course was purchased via the app, Apple and Google, who run the App Store and Google Play stores, respectively, handle all purchases on the mobile platform including transaction taxes where applicable.

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