Viewing your Course Analytics

Viewing your Course Analytics

This article outlines how you can access your course’s analytics , which you can use to plan new courses or make improvements to existing ones.

To view your course analytics:

  1. Select Creator Studio.

  2. Select your course from the Active or Archive tab.

Your Analytics page will be different between Open to all and By Invitation courses. 

Analytics for Open to All courses

There are four types of information you can view for your course:

  1. Total Views: Total number of times your course was viewed over the last 30 days.

  2. Total Learners: Total number of learners enrolled in your course for the last three months.

  3. Course Completion: The percentage of enrolled learners who have completed your course.

  4. Total Earnings (Paid courses only): The total earnings for your course.

Analytics for By Invitation courses

 You will be able to see the average quiz scores for your learner groups presented in a chart. The score presented is calculated on a scale of 0 - 100.

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