Your Payoneer Account - Creator FAQ

Your Payoneer Account - Creator FAQ

How do I unlink my Payoneer account?

If you wish to unlink your Payoneer account from ZilLearn, you will need to contact Payoneer directly. Please note that Payoneer will only facilitate the unlinking of Payoneer accounts under specific circumstances; we strongly advise users to link the correct Payoneer account when setting up their ZilLearn account. You can contact the Payoneer Support Center for assistance.

Please note that if you unlink or have deleted your Payoneer account, you will not be able to receive your payout amount, and it will be held by ZilLearn. For example:

  1. Your Next Payout Balance is due to be credited to Payoneer on 1st June.

  2. On May 27th, you have unlinked or deleted your Payoneer account.

  3. Depending on if you have unlinked or relinked your Payoneer account, the following might apply:

    1. If you have not linked a Payoneer account by May 31st (last day of the month), you will not be able to receive your payout.

    2. If you have linked a Payoneer account by May 31st, your payout amount will be credited to that Payoneer account.

How do I update my Payoneer account?

If you wish to change your credentials for your Payoneer account:

  1. Select Settings.

  2. Under Earnings & Payout, select Payout Information.

  3. Select Manage your payout account details directly on Payoneer, and you will be redirected to Payoneer’s website to update your credentials.

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