How to Add Slides to Your Video

How to Add Slides to Your Video

On ZilLearn, you can synchronise PowerPoint slides to your videos, and learners can toggle between the two. This article will take you through how to integrate PowerPoint slides to your video.

You may also be interested in this article on how to create a slide before integrating your PowerPoint slides into your video.

Uploading Your Lesson Video

When uploading your lesson video, please ensure that the video is in horizontal orientation. If your video is in vertical orientation, kindly convert the video orientation to horizontal before uploading it.

To add PowerPoint slides to your video:

  1. Add your audio / video file to the activity.

  2. Select Integrate Slide at the top of your video. This will bring you to the Slide Integration interface.

  1. Upload your PowerPoint file. You can do so by: 

    1. Selecting Click or drop files here to upload the file.

    2. Dragging the file from your computer folder and dropping it into the left panel.

Note: Please note that Slide Integration only supports PPT and PPTX files, up to 1GB. There can only be one set of slides integrated to one video.

  1. Click on your uploaded file in the left panel and the slides will appear on the right panel.

  1. Select your slides from the right panel to add them to your video‚Äôs seek bar, as shown below: 

Note: Please note you can only add your slides in the order they are uploaded. Your uploaded slides cannot be deleted or reordered on ZilLearn.

  1. You can now edit or remove your slides in the seek bar:

    1. To remove, select the chosen slide in the time bar and then select on Delete. The removed slide will return to the right panel.

    2. To move a slide to a specific time period, click and drag it to the desired section of the seek bar. 

    3. To adjust the duration of a slide, click and drag either ends of the slide.

      7. Select Save to return to your activity.

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