How to Sell your Course on ZilLearn

How to Sell your Course on ZilLearn

This article will walk you through how to sell  your course on ZilLearn, including how to set your course price and how revenue sharing works.

How to set or change the price of your course

Only courses that are Open to All can be monetised. When you are editing your course, you will be able to set the price of your course. 

You can also change the prices of Open to All courses after they have been published. 

Important: Please note that By Invitation Only courses cannot be priced. 

If you wish to charge for a By Invitation Only course, please create a duplicate copy and set it to Open to All. Learn more about how to duplicate your course here.

To set or change the price of your course:

  1. Select Creator Studio.

  2. Select your chosen course in the Active or Drafts tab.

  3. Click on the icon at the top-right corner of the thumbnail of the course.

  4. Select Edit to amend your course.

  5. Select Publish for a course in Drafts, or Republish for a course in Active.

  6. You can change or set your course price In the Intro tab, under the “Available as” section.

  7. Select Publish or Republish when you are ready to complete the changes.

When pricing your course, there is a minimum course price of USD2 and a maximum course price of USD399.99.

Supported currencies on ZilLearn

Please note that course prices can only be set in USD. 

All sales transactions, Pending Balance and Next Payout Balance will be displayed in USD in My Earnings.

Revenue sharing for course creators

Revenue share will occur only when a priced course has been purchased. 

If your course is purchased via ZilLearn’s website: 

  • For every course sold, there is a 15% revenue share with ZilLearn.

If your course is purchased via ZilLearn’s iOS or Android app:

  • For every course sold, there is a 15% revenue share with ZilLearn, as well as 30% revenue share with Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

Please refer to the image below for a breakdown of the respective revenue sharing.

How your course is priced on the ZilLearn app

Please note that the price of your course will show a higher amount if accessed via the ZilLearn mobile app.

This is in accordance with the pricing matrix set by Apple and Google for purchases made via the App Store and Play Store respectively.

For more detail, please refer to the relevant articles:

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