How to Publish your Course

How to Publish your Course

When you are ready to publish your course, you can now publish it to your learners. This article will take you through the basic settings to publishing a course.

There are two ways to begin publishing your course:

Method 1: Publishing from the Creator Studio

  1. If you have a draft course that is ready for publishing, locate it in your Creator Studio under Drafts.

  2. Select on your course thumbnail, then select Publish.

Method 2: Publishing from the course creation interface

  1. Go to your course creation interface.

  2. Select Publish, as shown in the image below:

  1. Create a channel category or select an existing one for your course. 

    1. To create a new channel category, select + Create Category.

    2. Key in the name of the channel category.

  2. Select Next.

Note: Categories are used to categorise courses on your channel wall. To learn more about categories, read this article.

Additionally, to learn more on how to create customized certificate, please refer to this FAQ article.

Open to All

Open to all courses will be visible to all users on your channel and the Learning Network. Learners will be able to search for your course as well. If your course is Open to All:

  1. Select Publish.

  2. You can set your course to Free or Paid.

  3. If your course is set to Paid, you can key in your course price indicated in the image as shown below.

  4. Select Publish.

Note: If you are creating a Paid course, please note that there is a minimum price of US$2.00, and maximum price of US$399.99. 

Learn more about how to price your course here.

By Invitation

By Invitation courses will only be available to learners invited by you. A learner will not be able to see the course in the Learning Network unless they have been invited.

When publishing By Invitation courses, you will be asked to invite learners to the course in order for them to access it. You cannot publish your course without doing so.

All By Invitation courses will not be displayed on your channel, or via search.

Method 1: Invite an existing learner group to your course:

  1. Select an existing learner group with the learners you wish to invite to the course.

  1. Select an existing group you want to add.

  1. Select Publish.

Method 2: Invite a new learner group to your course:

  1. Select +Create group if there are no existing groups. 

  1. Key in the name of the group.

  2. Key in the email address of the learner you wish to add and select Enter on your keyboard after each email.

  3. When you have added all your invitees, select Create.

  1. Select Publish.

You may also be interested in this article for more information regarding adding and managing your learners.

Important: Once you have published your course, you will not be able to change your course type.

If you wish to change your course type, please create a duplicate copy and change your Available as options. Learn more about how to duplicate your course here.

Updating your published course

Maintaining an updated course is an important part of teaching online. 

To update your course:

  1. Locate your course in your Creator Studio, under Active.

  2. Select , and select Edit to begin making changes to your course.

  3. Once you are done with your changes, select Republish.

Please note that your learners who are enrolled in the course will be notified that changes have been made to the content of the course by default. 

To disable and enable notifications for course updates to your learners:

  1. Locate your course in your Creator Studio, under Active.

  2. Select , and select Settings.

  1. Deselect Notify Learners of content edits to disable this option. Your settings will be saved automatically.

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